Save Yourself From Pain – Here Are Some Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Wasp Sting 

With the summer coming to a closure, we might notice some drastic changes in the wasps’ behavior as they prefer consuming sugars rather than proteins during this time of the year.

That’s the reason why you are more likely to encounter swarms of wasps around garbage collection areas or wherever food is consumed outdoors.  If you notice a group of wasps hovering around your home or in the garden, there are possibilities of having a mature nest with thousands of wasps, in the vicinity.

Wasps have a fearsome reputation that they certainly deserve! These stinging insects are notorious for their aggressive behavior and their deadly stings.  When they attack, they sting repeatedly, which can prove lethal. However, it is important to know that wasps generally sting when they feel threatened.

What should you do if you are attacked by a swarm of wasps?

  • When you notice the wasps approaching you, make sure to stay calm and stand still.
  • If running away from the place is necessary, try to run in a straight line, without swinging or waving your arms.
  • Additionally, wasps tend to attack head and face, so make sure you protect your head and face.

Here are some don’ts when you are attacked by wasps: 

  • If the wasps attack you, make sure you don’t swat or flail your arms. These actions can make the insects even more aggressive.
  • Playing dead to fool wasps is never a good idea. This trick doesn’t work with them as these insects will continue stinging you, anyways.

How to Deter the Stinging Pest? 

  • Check out for the presence of wasps nests in your vicinity. Monitor areas like garages, cavity walls, underneath the eaves and sheds.
  • Cover the waste bins with lids and keep them away from your doors or windows.
  • Check if your fly screens are intact and aren’t ripped or torn. Alternatively keep the windows and shut ajar to prevent the wasps from entering your home.
  • If you spot a wasp nest, keep the children and pets away from that particular area.
  • Carefully dispose of your food and drinks, especially used soft drink cans.
  • If possible, avoid using strong scents or perfumes, as it might attract the wasps. Additionally, avoid wearing bright coloured clothes. Protect your feet by wearing closed shoes.

If you notice a wasps nest near your home, call a professional exterminator for wasp control. Equipped with proper gears, they remove the nest without causing any harm to your family.