Pest Control in New South Wales

General Pest Control

Tradie Team Pest Control Sydney is a household name when it comes to pest control. Pests are all around us. Some may be harmful, some may not be, some might stink while some might just make you cringe. At Tradie Team Pest Control New South Wales, we believe that getting rid of all the pests ensures a healthy and happy home.

Why Pest Control in New South Wales?

General Pest Control in New South Wales is the first step towards a healthy home and healthy office. Professional general pest control should be performed once you sight any kind of pests. Remember pests are disastrous and can cause many serious illnesses.

Pest control is not only done to restrict pests from entering your house, yard or garage but also a preventive measure to control all pests around.

Tradie Team Pest Control provides various Pest Control Services in NSW like

  • Termites control
  • Ants control
  • Wasps control
  • Spiders control
  • Rats and mice control / Rodent Control
  • Fleas control
  • Moths control
  • Birds nesting control /Birds proofing
  • Cockroaches control
  • Bees control
  • Flies control
  • Bedbugs control
  • Silverfish control
  • Commercial Pest Control Sydney
  • End of Lease Pest Control Sydney

Why Tradie Team Pest Control?

At Tradie Team Pest Control, removing and controlling pests is our business. If you see any ants, rats, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, rodents, birds nesting, call us immediately. Our general pest control services are cleverly customised to remove or control the targeted pests. At Tradie Team Pest Control in NSW, our highly trained and well-experienced staff will stomp out all the pests from your residential as well as your commercial property.

At Tradie Team Pest Control, we provide the highest levels of general pest control service for all common unwanted pests and even special pest treatments for many other uncommon pests with custom plans.

Tradie Team is one of the most reliable pest control companies in New South Wales. We stand behind all of our services from inspection to prevention and long into the future. We provide a 100% safe pest control services.

Tradie Team Pest Control procedure includes,

Identifying the Issue

Once you notice any kind of pest, just call us and we shall immediately schedule a visit by one of our licensed pest control to visit your property. We identify the cause, the pests and provide an effective pest control plan for your property in New South Wales. 


Once the issue is identified and we have discussed your pest problem, we arrange for an evaluation survey to find the kinds of pests infestation in your property. We perform an active pest control treatment keeping all the environmental concerns in mind. Our evaluation helps us to get rid of your pest issue from the root and also control and prevent it.

Pest Control Monitoring

The next step after implementing pest control is to monitor it. Pest diagnosis makes controlling easier and more effective. We suggest that diagnosis at an early stage can prevent pest infestation and a continuous pest control treatment every month would ensure that all pests stay away. We also provide a six-month recurring service.

Quality Prevention and Control

Regardless of your pest management and control needs, we are here to assist you. We never compromise on quality and provide you with effective pest control solutions for your residential and commercial property. At Tradie Team, our pest control team would ensure and assist you in preventing the pests from coming back.

We provide quality treatments at the following:

  • Indoor and Outdoor premises of the property
  • Residential areas, kitchen, bedrooms and other internal areas
  • The ventilation areas
  • Floor coverings if you have

Call Tradie Team Pest Control Victoria now on 0448 955 555 and have a pest free Commercial and residential property.