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What Makes Us Different?

    Mice & Rats (Rodents) Pest Control Queensland

    Tradie Team – Pest Control is an expert in eradicating Rats and Mice from domestic properties to high rise buildings and we are industry leaders when it comes to Rats/Mice control in commercial or business premises.

    Why Rats/Mice are pests?

    Rats and Mice are two of the most dangerous rodents known to man due to the severe forms of diseases it can spread through their presence. Rats consume a lot of our food and in the process, contaminate the rest of it. Rats and Mice both bare similarities in the amount of pain they cause to humans. They are also known as domestic rodents due to its long history of interacting with humans in personal spaces.

    Rats and Mice are unaffected by barrier walls and fences due to their strong ability to burrow through almost anything.

    Rats can climb vertically, horizontally and practically everything. They only need any opening that is larger than 12 mm to squeeze through into your home which makes it easy for them to invade the properties and become a highlight of your daily life.

    Health Damage:

    Property Damage:

    Both Rats and Mice are notorious carriers of several deadly diseases that have started plagues in earlier years. They spread diseases to our pets through bites, transporting fleas, lice, ticks and mites. Some of the diseases transmitted include leptospirosis, trichinosis, jaundice, rat-mite dermatitis, typhus and the list goes on.

    These Rodents can chew through home structures, books, furniture, leather and basically eat anything and everything including others from their own kin. They damage property by gnawing through containers, wood, insulation and wiring and can escalate damage into hundred and thousand of dollars. Chewing on electric wires by rats and mice has been known to cause several electric fires.

    Food Contamination:

    Super Fast Reproduction:

    These rodents shed over 500,000 thousand hairs each year and defecate up to 25,000 droppings each year on the food we intend to consume. Both are non fussy eaters. Rats eat a third of their body weight in a day, while the mice are nibblers. However, both destroy and contaminate much more food than they consume.

    Their reproduction is super fast and can produce more than 100 babies, breed throughout the year. Their life expectancy is well over 3 years. If left untreated, they can multiply into a major risk to our health and safety.

    How to put an end to all this?

    • Ensure that all food items are stored in places that are inaccessible. That is the first strike, to starve them. This usually resolves the matter when they end up killing each other.
    • Block all the openings around the perimeter of your home in order to leave no entrance for them. That is the second strike, to deny shelter.
    • Set up cages in several spots to capture them and then either release them in an area where you know they can’t return or hire a professional to take care of it for you. Strike number three.
    Tradie Team Pest Control provides fast and effective rodent removal by methods such as Rodent proofing, Traps, Bait stations, Chemical treatment and Sensitisation. Call Us Now at 0448 955 555

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