COVID-19 Statement

Keep Your Home off Coronavirus with these Tips

At this critical time, Tradie Team wishes to inform you about our response plan to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Hygiene in homes and workplaces is already essential, but today it has become inevitable. Pest control is an integral part of this hygiene as it leaves no scope for infections. At Tradie Team, we aim to keep providing you with uninterrupted pest control services and thereby support local businesses and individuals.

Our staff and clients are essential to us. Therefore, we take full care of their health as well as safety. At this uncertain moment, when we are dealing with a dangerous infectious disease, we assure you that our contingency plans will take care of each party’s well-being. We are actively following the measures set by authorities and are keeping track of the outbreak situation by staying in constant touch with health officials and government organisations. We will keep you updated on the status in Australia.

How can You Avail Our Services Tension-free?

To stop the spread of the disease, our employees will follow the following hygiene standards:

  • They will wash their hands between each visit.
  • They will not indulge in gestures such as handshakes when visiting a customer’s place.
  • Our staff will maintain a safe distance (up to 1.5 metres) with you during the service.
  • They will wear a mask and gloves during the entire duration of the visit.
  • They will adjust as per your schedule and requirement.

By following all of the above standards, we will limit physical contact, thereby ensuring an infection-free, hygienic and responsible service. We will also provide disinfection services to our patrons.

If you need any help or support from the Tradie team, feel free to contact us at any time. We will do our best to serve you.

Together and with full cooperation, we can navigate these challenging waters. We hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy.