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Often known as the 8 legged menaces, Spiders are a common threat to the Australian household. With over 35,000 species of spiders found all over the world, a few thousand are found here in Australia.

Contrary to popular belief and the heavy occurrence of Arachnophobia, not all of those species are dangerous to humans. It is true that all spiders bite in order to feed and produce silk, but only a handful of them contain venom that can cause serious implication on human health.

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Commonly found spiders:

Red-Back Spider:
  • Dangerous
  • Females can be up to 14mm and Males up to 3 mm
  • Pea shaped body, with the iconic red or orange strip down the back.
  • Builds webs throughout rubbish, furniture, and potted plants.
White Tail Spider:
  • Dangerous
  • Female can be up to 20mm and Male up to 12mm
  • Long, cigar shaped body characterised by a white spot at the end of a dark grey body.
  • Found on clothing that has been hung on lines.
Black House Spider:
  • A bulky spider with a black/dark brown body with several markings.
  • Builds its webs in dark corners and cavities that can be found near windows, sheds or fences.
Huntsman Spider:
  • Usually grey to brown in colour.
  • These do not pose a threat to humans but can look ferocious as they move around gardens in search for a meal.

How to Control Spiders:

It is advisable to call professional and trained experts when it comes to identifying and exterminating spiders, especially when you cannot identify them as a threat.

Spiders can be exterminated by direct contact with pest control chemicals and by destroying their webs to discourage return visits.

Harmless spiders are usually caught individually and placed in their original habitat.

Tradie Team recommends you destroy the webs yourself because applying chemicals on their webs does not affect them. This is attributed to their claw like legs that do not absorb the chemicals.

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