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One of the biggest health risks and cringe worthy insects of all times, cockroaches, are known to be a common pest and a fear all over the world.

Especially in large cities, with its rapidly growing number of buildings and commercial structures. It is vital to understand the potential damage to health that can be caused by the loitering around of these 6 legged insects.

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Why are cockroaches a threat?

Cockroaches are known to live in gaps and crevices, they are also known to live a very long life and have a rich history of feeding and moving around rubbish bins and large piles of garbage. During their outdoor ventures, several smaller, disease bearing creatures climb on to their 6 legs. And these are transferred to food and crockery while cockroaches move around the house.

Asthma and Allergic reactions- Cockroaches are known to cause Asthmatic reactions in children and older people. Furthermore, skin diseases and allergies can be incurred due to their presence around common areas in the house.

Rapid Breeding- Cockroaches are known to breed rapidly. One or two cockroaches can repopulate to several more within a few weeks. If you spot different sizes of cockroaches around your property, this points to swift breeding taking place in some nook or corner of your home.

Live longer and eat everything- Cockroaches are not picky about their food, all organic substances serve as a food source for them. They are also known to survive nuclear radiations. So if you’re sitting at home hoping that they will just disappear, that is probably not the best thing to do.

Methods of Control:

Spraying and Dusting:

Chemical deterrents which are human friendly, when sprayed or dusted in the right areas can help kill cockroaches and serve as an effective barrier for a convenient amount of time. It is very important to use these chemicals wisely in the right areas so that the cockroaches cannot avoid treated areas.

Gel Baits:

The innovations that have resulted out of the irritation caused by these creepy critters has given us the cockroach gel. This gel can be strategically applied as compared to spraying or dusting and provides better results over a period of time. Though its effects can be observed only after a certain period of time, they serve as prolonged bait and kill mechanism once applied.

Sticky Paper:

Much like fly paper, Sticky paper for cockroaches can be placed in areas of high cockroach activities and serve its purpose by attracting them with a pheromone and trapping them till you get rid of the paper entirely.

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