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With over 13,000 species of ants all over the world and 1300 just here in Australia, ants are one of the most prominent home pests that are ridiculously numbered. Here is a list of ants commonly found in Australia:

  • Coastal Brown ant
  • Garden ant
  • Ghost ant
  • Argentine ants
  • Black House ant
  • Bulldog or bull ants
  • Pavement ant
  • Pharaoh’s ant
  • White-foot house ants
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Out of the above list, these are the ants that you have probably spotted recently yourself:

Argentine Ants:

These ants are brown in colour and are often found foraging in rubbish bins, dead animal matter and excrement. They invade buildings and homes in times of low temperature and spread out over the course of summer.

Black House Ants:

These common ants are attracted to sweet foods and are often found marching though kitchen wardrobes and drawers.

Coastal Brown Ants:

These types of ants are usually found in gardens and other outdoor areas. Unlike the name suggests, these ants are not exclusive to coasts and can be easily spotted in the inner parts of cities.

Though species such as the Black House ant and the Garden ant are not known to carry any sort of diseases, they might be carrying contaminants that stick on to their feet during their outdoor ventures. Having these ants loitering around the food storage of your home can pose as a serious health risk for you and your family.

Methods Of Control


This crucial step helps pest control professionals to understand the species of ant. Studying their food preferences and nesting styles can provide further insight into how they can be eradicated and barred from further infestation.


Chemicals that act as deterrents for the ant population and survival consist of the base ingredient called Synthetic Pyrethroids, while safe for humans it is bad news for ants all over the world. The chemicals can be in liquid or granulated dry forms that exterminate ant colonies and serve as preventive measures for certain duration.


Baits are set up for ants to find. Once the ants locate this bait, they tend to carry it back to their colony. And this leads us directly to their nest and makes our job a one-day affair.

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