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    Termites Pest Control

    Termites, often referred to as white ants, are in fact not even closely related to the ant family. They bear the qualities of being super modified cockroaches that do not see the light of the day.

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    These insects often have their colonies established away from open view, in the foundation of your home, or any other place where their colonies can consume cellulose without having to interact with the outside world. Cellulose is found in wood, paper, cardboard and grass. Typically, termite colonies are found in hollowed out sections of hard and soft timber.

    Types or Castes of Termites

    Worker Termites:

    These types of termites are responsible for sourcing food and tunnelling through cellulose based materials to help establish colonies.

    Soldier Termites:

    The sole purpose of these termites is to protect the colony from any intruders that might come in uninvited. But then again, they never really like having guests over.

    Reproductive Termites:

    Also known as Alates, these winged termites hold the responsibility to repopulate the colony and then fly off to new locations to establish new colonies.

    Termite Home Inspection

    Termites might seem like a mediocre threat since they don’t show themselves and could die if they’re exposed to sunlight. However, these insects work for 24 hours a day and could be doing heavy amounts of damage to the structure of your home and other unattended areas with sources of cellulose present (wood, paper, cardboard and grass).

    termite pest control melbourne

    The termite home inspection is carried out by professional and certified pest experts that have a clear understanding of where to look. Inspection is generally carried out within 60 minutes, depending on the size of the home and obstacles that might hinder the free movement of the inspector around the house.

    CSRIO and the Australian standards suggest that termite inspection and possible eradication should be carried annually to avoid any kind of serious damage to property.

    Areas of Inspection:

    Our termite inspection professionals carry out visual inspections of the common areas of the home, sub-floor area, roof cavities and other accessible parts of the home. A detailed report is sent across, typically by the next day, stating the intensity of the infestations and possible solutions to eradicate the pests in order to protect your home.

    A few signs that suggest it’s time for an inspection:

    • Soil or mud appearing around the edges of the walls at floor level or door gaps. This is usually due to the digging and tunnelling works of worker ants, generally pointing to the area of infestation.
    • Items such as stacks of books or cardboard boxes filled with paper bear damage on them. Cellulose is the only thing termites consume, and it can be found in paper, cardboard, grass and wood.
    • Alates in the air. Alates are the reproductive caste of termites that often emerge from cracks in the floor or doors to populate new colonies elsewhere. This is an indication of termite colonies in that area.
    • One of the most common and obvious signs of termite damage are hollowed out sections of timber in wooden floorings, doors and so on.

    Termite Treatment at Home

    Termites can cause major infestations that can in return cause a lot of harm. This is why it is important to bring their population in control by getting rid of them. It is possible to treat termites at home by using several methods. Some of the methods are listed below.

    Using Insecticides:

    There are various insecticides that are available in the market. Some amongst these help you get rid of termites. Do your research and buy the best spray or repellant that can help you kill these pests effectively.

    Sunlight Exposure:

    It is difficult for termites to survive in light. Hence, letting more sunlight inside the premises by keeping the windows wide open during daylights can kill termites or force them to retreat, thus, easing your pest problem.

    Fluctuating Temperatures:

    Termites cannot survive in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Hence, using the microwave technique or the liquid nitrogen technique can be an effective treatment method.

    Seal Entrances:

    There are various ducts and drains through which termites can enter your house. Seal these entrances tightly with mesh to avoid termite infestation.

    Use Water:

    Termites die when drowned in water. Hence, flooding garden holes or putting a lot of water over areas where the infestation is prominent can help in termite treatment.


    Nematodes are worms that do no harm humans or plants but feed on pests. Unleash these in a spray form in termite infested areas and let these do the work.

    Eliminate Moisture:

    Keep your wood safe in a place where moisture cannot penetrate it. Moisture filled wood can give rise to a termite problem. If you have a garden, you need to be even more careful. Termites thrive in moist garden soil. Treat your wood or soil with insecticides or using metal doors that they can’t penetrate can kill termites.

    Baits and Traps:

    Wood, cardboard and more termite food can be infused with chemicals such as boric acid, permethrin dust or arsenic dust to act as bait. Cardboard strips can also be used to lure termites onto the material and burn them afterwards.

    However, it is important to note that these solutions might not kill the entire population of termites. They might have to be repeated and may not even be that effective.

    FACT: Termites have been in existence since over 250 million years. Contact Us –  0448 955 555

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