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Wasp Pest Control Melbourne

Have you found a wasp hive in your garage or spotted a swarm of wasps in your garden?

Don’t try to treat it yourself! Call a pest control professional to treat wasp infestation and remove the wasp nests.


How wasps pose a threat to you and your family?

  1. Aggressive Behaviour: Wasps are notorious for their aggressive behaviour. When their nests are disturbed, they can attack in large numbers.
  2. The Wasp Sting Is Painful and can be Lethal: The wasp sting is agonisingly painful and can result in the severe allergic reaction. In the worst case, it can even become lethal.
  3. Structural Damage: Wasps cause significant structural damages to your house/office, as they set up their nests or hives within the cavities of the structure.

If wasps are a problem, we are the solution!

Their nests are usually tucked away inside connecting wall voids, roof spaces and underground areas, hidden from the world. It can only be spotted once the nest reaches closest to the maximum size.

Tradie Team professionals are highly experienced in eradicating all indoor and outdoor pests, making your surrounding healthy and liveable.

Wasps Identification:

The front half of a wasp is predominately black with yellow markings, and their back half is yellow with black dots or stripes. They build their nests in various cavities like walls and ceilings, trees or the ground.

What to do when you notice signs of wasp infestation?

  • If you spot a group of wasps or happen to locate their nest/hive, call Tradie Team pest services and one of our wasp professionals will rush to the site.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not take any actions yourself as this can worsen the condition to a great extent when you have a swarm of angry wasps around you and your loved ones.
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Wasp bite remedies
  • Our licensed professionals use state of the art protective gear to secure themselves against stings, yet there have been times they have been stung.
  • If you do happen to get stung, contact your nearest physician to avoid further complications.
  • Securely store and hide away all food materials. Wasps are especially attracted to sweet and protein based foods. It is their absolute favourite.

Please Note: Don’t try to poke a wasp hive or remove it on your own. You might get a nasty surprise!
Call Tradie Team pest services, and one of our wasp professionals will rush to the site.


Why choose Tradie Team pest services?

Why choose Tradie Team pest services?

  1. A thorough inspection of the area to ensure no area is left untreated.
  2. Our licensed professionals use state-of-the-art protective gear to remove the wasp hives.
  3. We provide safe and environment-friendly methods to remove wasp infestation.
  4. Quick knockdown of the nest/hive in 24 hours.
  5. Comprehensive treatment to prevent wasp infestation in future.
  6. Certified and trained staff to ensure wasp swarm is removed without causing any harm to you and your family.

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