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Flies are synonymous with Melbourne in the months of warmer days. These black dots of nuisance pose serious threats to our wellbeing in addition to the efforts of having to swat them away.With over 1400 eyes in total, the fly is close to invincibility when it comes to people making efforts to swat them using their own reflexes.

How bad are they really?

Various health and science institutions have made claims that list down over 65 different diseases transmitted by flies. Some of the severe ones include tuberculosis, dysentery, cholera and parasitic worm infections. This is attributed to their habit of defecating and regurgitating at every spot they land. And you have seen them land on your plates multiple times. Before which they have probably been swarming around all sorts of moist, decaying matter such as stale meat, open wounds, garbage piles and all things forbidden for human well-being.

Effective methods of control at home:

  • Remove or block out any spots in the house where water can accumulate.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen at all times.
  • Hide food items or cover them completely
  • Close the doors and windows
  • Stow away garbage bins in accessible areas or use ones with a lid
  • Fly screens should be placed around the space to trap them
  • Pet waste should be cleaned up immediately from home surroundings
flies pest control melbourne

In order to get complete piece of mind, the services of a professionally trained individual are required. By spraying the space within the home and destroying the breeding grounds, the fly problem can be kept under control till the next season. Our team of certified professionals know where to look and how to eradicate the breeding grounds of flies. In most cases flies can grow from an egg to a fully mature adult within 7 days.

FACT: Baby flies are called maggots. And they have been used to manufacture/ferment cheese.

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