Why You Should Call Professionals to Remove a Wasp Nest?

Have you spotted a wasps’ nest in your backyard? The first thing you need to do is avoid removing the nest on your own!

We have observed many homeowners taking matters in their hands and attempt the DIY techniques to get rid of wasps and its nest. And that’s where they make the biggest blunder!

Wasps are considered as one of the most aggressive insect species, known to defend their hive fiercely. They tend to attack if they sense even a little threat to their nest. Trying to remove it without proper knowledge and safety equipment aggravates these stinging insects, resulting in painful stings. These stings can also become lethal if you are allergic to them!

What NOT to Do When You Spot a Wasp Nest?

  1. Don’t Try to Burn the Nest: This common DIY technique is the most dangerous one. Setting fire to nest puts you and your property at higher risk of getting burned. Moreover, the annoyed wasps might attack you viciously leading to painful stings.
  2. Don’t remove the nest with a bat – Perhaps the least smart thing to do is using a bat or racket to remove the wasp! (Believe us, many people attempt this). It puts you at direct risk of getting stung multiple times, and it also puts the bystander at risk.

So, what to do when a wasp nest is spotted? Call an expert immediately.

Why is Calling Professionals the Best Solution?

  • These professionals have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) that protects them from stings while removing a wasp nest.
  • They are adept at working in small spaces. The pest technicians are trained to work in a small area such as an attic.
  • They have expertise and knowledge about the wasps, its behaviour and instincts. They also know how to identify an allergic reaction to wasp stings.
  • They have the most effective products. The wasp pest control professionals have the expertise to use a variety of pest control products that are more effective than any DIY products.