This Winter Protect Your Home from Rodents With These Simple Tips

Rodent Infestation

With the warmer days bidding a good-bye, rats and mice are setting their sights on your home to get a warm place for shelter. Rodents are notorious for causing irreparable damages to the property and spreading various diseases. So, it’s incredibly essential to control them early.

An essential thing you can do is seal off any crevices, gaps or cracks that they could get through. Heating, AC, plumbing, gas, electrical and communication lines are some of the most common rodent entry points. Remember, if you can fit your thumb through a gap, then a rat can effortlessly squeeze in. If the hole easily accommodates a pencil, that’s enough for a mouse to enter without any obstructions.

Signs of Rodent Infestation:

Rodents are nocturnal, sighting them during daytime is a rare occurrence. So, while inspecting your house for potential entry points, look for rub marks, tracks, dropping or gnawing.

Rats and mice have sharp incisors that enable them to chew through a wide variety of materials like lead and aluminium sheets, wood, rubber, fibreglass, plastic and even low-grade concrete. If you spot bite marks on any of these surfaces, there is a high possibility that rodents have made their way through your house.

Also, remember to follow your nose – rodents leave a trail of urine which has a pungent and unpleasant odour.

Deterrent Tips:

When it comes to controlling rodent infestation, deterrence is the best option. If you can deter the rodents from entering your property, you can successfully reduce the damage to your property and also avoid the potential health threats associated with their exposure.

Here are few deterrent tips that will help you contain rodent infestation:

  • Proper Food Storage – Like every pest, rodents are attracted to food sources. Therefore, store your food in plastic or metal containers. Additionally, regularly clean refrigerators, the area under the stove and food cabinets.
  • Fix Doors – Fix the bristle strips to the bottom of doors to prevent the entry of rodents, especially if your property is old and the door fit isn’t tight.
  • Cover the Air Vents – Make sure you have covered the damaged air bricks and vents with fine galvanised wire mesh to prevent rodents’ entry.
  • Vegetation – Overgrown vegetation on your property offer potential nesting sites for the mice. Therefore, make sure to trim the tree branches, vines and shrubs to deter rodents.
  • Lawns – Mown down the lawn to reduce the potential shelter sites. Overgrown lawn grass also provides a food source for the rats. Hence, keep the grass short.


If your property is already infested with rodents, call professional pest control service. Professional solutions can guarantee quick removal of mice from your property. Hire Professional Pest Control Services : 0448 955 555.