Why Should Not Ignore Pest Control During Winters?

Pest Control

Do you know winter is actually a major pest season?

Yes, you read it right! Just because you don’t find flies or mosquitoes hovering around your heads doesn’t mean the home is pest-free. Unknown to many, not all the irritating little creatures go in hibernation during the harsh Australian winters. Some of them can make their way through your property and turning it into a (permanent) habitat. The damage pests can do in the winter can be immense in scale, if you don’t take precautionary measures during the cold months.

Can Pests Survive a Drop in Temperature?

Over the years of evolution, the pests have developed various survival tactics. Some of them go in hibernation hiding in rocks and doesn’t show till spring, while some of them like rodents will hide in the crevices of your home to seek warmth. Your home becomes a sanctuary for these pesky creatures as it offers abundant food sources and warmth against the temperature drop. To prevent the critters from infesting your property, you can do the following:

  • Declutter your home and keep your kitchen well organised.
  • Don’t ignore the leaking pipes. Moisture offers a perfect breeding ground for roaches and other pests to populate.
  • Fill any crevices, gaps or cavities to seal the entry points for pests.

Get Hold on the Overwintering Pests

Overwinter means surviving the harsh winter. The overwintering pests are the pests that seek warmth when the temperature starts to plummet. These bugs start emerging in the spring when the temperature rises and the atmosphere gets a little warmer. If you notice a dramatic increase in insects or pests like rodents in your home during spring, it can mean they were most likely hiding out on your property waiting for the winter to pass!

Insects that commonly ‘overwinter’ are:

  • Moths
  • Flies
  • Rats
  • Termites
  • Roaches

Whenever you notice an influx in pests, you need to call a professional and trained pest controller. If the infestation is not treated, it can worsen the situation, further causing an incredible amount of damage to your property and putting your family’s health at risk.

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