Why Call Professional Pest Control Service to Get Rid of Bull Ants?

It’s springtime and you want to enjoy the freshly bloomed flowers in your garden. However, with bull ants deciding to rock up to your garden, it means you have to be literally on your toes while relaxing and spending some quality time with the family.

Unlike the regular species found in Australia, bull ants are the ultimate super heavyweights in the ant kingdom. Ultra aggressive and highly territorial in nature, these ants are known for its powerful sting in the back and an aggressive bite in the front. They often use both stings at the same time while attacking their prey.

How to Identify Bull Ants?

As compared to other ants, the Australian bull ants are easy to distinguish. They are one of the largest ants with their size varying from 16-36 mm. Their bodies are distinctively red and black in colour with large eyes.

Where Can You Find Bull Ants?

You will mostly find the bull ants inhabiting the outdoor space like backyard, gardens or patio. They prefer open spaces, as it gives them the freedom to build nests underground. Besides, you can also find them breeding in rotten logs or hollow tree trunks. The primary source of food for bull ants includes other insects, certain fruit, seeds and nectar.

How to Get Rid of the Super Fierce Bull Ants?

Unfortunately, getting rid of bull ants is not as easy as laying down an ant bait or pouring down boiling water in its nest. You need a licensed professional who can use specific treatment to control and prevent future infestation.

The internet is brimming with an astronomical amount of DIY methods to get rid of bull ants. Quite unfortunately, unlike other species, these ants aren’t easy to kill! Therefore, the DIY isn’t effective at all. Here are some DIY methods you should avoid at any cost, as it might lead to dire consequences.

Don’t Pour Boiling Water Down The Nest

Pouring down boiling water into the bull ants’ nest can pose a serious threat of getting nasty burn, and the worst part is it doesn’t kill the ants! Bull ants build their nest miles deep in the ground, which makes them almost invincible against getting drowned. You can successfully kill off a minuscule population, but the ants that survived will rebuild the nest and your effort will go in vain.

Don’t Set the Nest on Fire

It’s a very common, yet highly stupid and impractical tip that you might come across while browsing through the internet. Trying to set the ant’s nest on fire might cause an uncontrolled blaze that might put your property and the neighborhood in grave danger. Besides, as we mentioned earlier, these ants build their nest deep underground, so they won’t get affected much by the inferno. Therefore, don’t use fire whatever the circumstances are, as a means to kill bull ants.

Why Call Professional Pest Control to Get Rid of Bull Ants?

Bull ants can get super aggressive, going to any extent to protect their nets. Therefore, finishing off the ants on your own can be extremely dangerous. Their bite can possibly trigger an allergic reaction or force you into anaphylactic shock that can prove fatal in a worst-case scenario.

Professionals are equipped with the right tools, protective gears and pesticides that enable them to get rid of the bull ants, without any serious physical threats to the surroundings. Tradie Team is a reputed pest control company with vast experience of offering effective ant control services.