3 Terrifying Facts About Ants

Did you know ants can carry up to 100 times their body weight? Ants are those irritating creatures that wreak havoc in your life by getting in your food whether you are at home or enjoying a picnic. Ants are practically everywhere. These innocent-looking tiny creatures are renowned for their strength and this may be one of the reasons or inspiration for the hit superhero film franchise. Ants, however, are one of the most frightening pests and here are three terrifying facts about these creatures.

Have Survived Annihilation

An explosion wiped away all the dinosaurs making them extinct. It was not only the massive dinosaurs but almost 75% of the earth species that got wiped out. Ants, however, survived this mass extinction. These pests not only survived but also experienced a population explosion. There was a lot more diversity in their species from that time. Hearty tiny critters, aren’t they?

Practice Slavery

Yes, you read it right. It wasn’t just the humans who practiced slavery but ants to do till date. These critters raid colonies and kill the queen. Once the queen is dead the slaves are brought and put them to forced labor. The slave ants will finally die out as they don’t have a queen to reproduce. The invader, sometimes, also bring the young eggs or larvae either to eat or raise them as workers. This is terrifying.

Outnumber Humans

Ants outnumber us. It is estimated that there are approximately about 10,000,000,000,000,000 ants on our planet. This means we can say there are about approx 10,000 Trillion ants whereas we humans are just approximately 7 billion. We know its a horrifying truth. 

When you look under a rock in your yard you might just find a few hundred ants but just imagine having an ant colony in your home, it can be scary. Well, no need to fear when we are here.

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