These Spiders Can Make You Very Sick!

These Spiders Can Make You Very Sick!

Australia has a reputation of having the largest population of spiders in the world.

It is believed that there are close to 3000 species of the eight-legged creature crawling across the country.

And so, you will find an array of spiders in varying shapes, sizes and colours in Australia.

A majority of Australian spiders are harmless and in some cases their bite can lead to itching or minor rashes.

However, there are some species which have been listed as the deadliest in the world. Their bites can cause you serious harm – will either end up in an emergency room or in a coffin, if you are unlucky.

Here we have listed down some of the most venomous spiders found in Australia.

If you ever spot any of the below listed spiders in your house, don’t try touch it or remove it. Contact a professional pest control immediately!

1. Funnel Web Spider

The funnel web spiders can turn out to be extremely aggressive when threatened. It is also considered as world’s most deadly spider that carries dangerous and lethal toxins in its bite. So, it is better to stay away from it.

These creatures burrow in the humid and sheltered placed, entering the homes during its mating season.

2. Redback Spider

Redback spiders are usually found hiding in sheltered and dry places. Some of its favourite hide outs are mailboxes and garden sheds.

Its female species is considered to be deadlier with its bite resulting into serious bodily harm. It is easy to identify it – As the name suggests, these spiders have red stripes on their backs.

3. Mouse Spider

You will find this species of spiders in the burrows or near waterways. They share quite a lot of physical similarities with funnel web spider. However, you can distinguish them by its evidently compact, squat and huge fang at the front of its head. Unlike the other nocturnal spider species, mouse spiders are generally active during the day time.

4. Wolf Spider

This species is one of the most shy ones and will usually be found hiding in the burrows. They are ground dwellers and will often themselves covered with leaf litter in the garden. So, it advisable to not touch a huge pile of leaf litter – chances are you might get stung by the wolf spider.

Spider Prevention Tips:

Whether you are scared of spiders or not, it’s always good to keep these unwanted guests at bay!

Here are some prevention tips you can follow:

  • Make sure you keep your home clutter-free
  • Avoid leaving the boxes on floors
  • Regularly vacuuming your home particularly in corners and crevices will remove the webs!
  • Identify the possible entry points or any gaps around the windows and doors to keep the spiders at bay.
  • Contact your professional pest control service provider to treat your home and ensure you have complete protection.