Pest-Proofing Before you Move-Into Your New Homes

Pest-Proofing Before you Move-Into Your New Homes

Clean Up The Yard

Mice and voles enjoy piles of wood, gardens that are unkempt, and litter in the yard. Clear the ground next to the base of the building. If it helps you should also consider cleaning up space below the deck to remove hiding places that could harbour pests.

Sealing Up new entry points 

Pests need to have a way in. To find, cover, and caulk holes, gaps, and gaps where mice and bugs can reach and hide, do your diligence. For gaps or small spaces around plumbing or at the joints between walls, doors, and so on, use wire mesh or metal sheeting to plug rodent holes so they can not chew through, and use synthetic caulking.

Inspect and restore the roof and crawl room in the attic

Squirrels love to find their way in around the edges of the roof through vents and holes. In order to make a small hole larger, determined squirrels and mice would not hesitate! Make sure that all shingling is intact, all vents are blocked with thick wire mesh, and the chimney caps to ensure that poor squirrels do not find their way in.

Trim the branches of the tree near to the house

Do you want your roof to be a squirrel highway? We’re not. Hire a professional arborist to come and cut branches in a way that will keep the tree healthy and appealing if you have a tall home while avoiding those simple access points for the squirrels you would like to keep out of your attic.

Check all your pieces before moving in 

Hopefully, you made sure you were careful not to let any hitchhikers in while you were packing your bedding, locking up your pots and pans, and going through the things from the garage. But make sure that you look carefully for signs of bedbugs, roaches, or termites in wooden furniture when buying new pieces, particularly second-hand. Any boxes that have been packed away in the attic for a while before the transfer should always be tested to ensure that they have not become the home of another, to prevent a serious packing error!

Consult the neighbour

Consulting your neighbourhood might be a good idea before moving to your new home. People living in the vicinity have had a good understanding of pest behaviour around them for a long time. Some regions have high rodent activity, while others may have a history of extreme infestations of termites. If you are well educated, it is possible to take steps in advance even before you travel. Planned therapies to combat pests are less troublesome and achieve better outcomes.

Wrapping Up

Employ a quality company to fumigate if you’re worried that there might already be pests in your new home. The best way to plan for your new home to be fumigated? Before you move in, get the procedure done. Have the process completed before you move in. Ask a potential exterminator like Treadie Team Pest plenty of questions before they enter your home. To stop harsh chemicals and possible fumes, keep this as your last-ditch effort! Call us Now – 0448 955 555