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Pest Control Team t is a locally owned and operated eco-friendly pest treatment company. If termites are causing damage to your home or company, it’s critical to handle the situation as soon as possible to avoid significant structural damage. If you notice one, there are very definitely more, and it’s time to start thinking about termite treatments to get rid of the pest and protect your home. Our termite inspection services are quick, effective, and low-impact. If you have a termite problem, we will locate it and assist you in selecting the best pest and termite management strategy for you. When it comes to pest management, our highly educated and experienced personnel have seen it all.

Balwyn North, commonly known as North Balwyn, is a Melbourne suburb located 10 kilometres east of the city’s central business district. The City of Boroondara is its local government area. Balwyn North has a population of 20,406 people according to the 2016 Census.

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If you detect even one termite in your home or company, you should have your building inspected to discover if it is plagued with termites. Termite spraying with store-bought chemicals is not only hazardous to your health and those of your family, but it is also useless against termites. Termites thrive in Australia’s ideal climate, and where there is one, there is a nest building or already in place. Our highly trained pest control experts will quickly and efficiently eliminate the problem while ensuring safety and long-term benefits. Pre-purchase inspections for your house or business can be readily arranged, ensuring that you never have to deal with.

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