Pest Control for Business – the Need of the Hour!

Pest Control for Business - the Need of the Hour!

Today business and organisations all over the world are facing severe pressure due to the global economic and financial crisis. Many businesses are at the forefront fighting the coronavirus battle, whether it is a healthcare or social service firm while many other essential services business are working diligently to provide uninterrupted services like restaurant services providing takeaway and deliveries. The businesses are also taking care of all the rules and regulations laid down by the government. We are on the road to recovery from these crises but this is not the end. We have a long way to go. At Tradie Team, we are proud of our fellow countrymen who have followed all the rules stringently, but now it is also the time to be prepared.

The world health Organisation has listed about approximately 30 pathogenic bacteria and viruses that can spread through rodents. Now if just one pest can spread 30 pathogens, imagine, what can the others do. In addition to rodents, we are always surrounded by flies, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, stored product insects and so many more. Pests are both a health and an economic threat for all. It is, therefore, essential to opt for pest control of all buildings. Buildings in all sectors, even the hospitals and residential accommodations provide an ideal habitat for many pests and therefore it is important to eliminate this threat from the beginning itself. 

How Are Pests Impacting the Business During the Coronavirus Phase 

Shelter & Breed

The buildings are one of the most suitable places for pests to shelter and breed as there would be hardly any disturbance during the lockdown. These creatures can damage certain parts and build their colonies and nesting places.

Severe Damage & Accidents

Mice and Rodents can cause severe electrical damages when they chew up the wires and any electric devices to build their nests and colonies. Similarly, birds can damage the roofs, block the drains causing flooding damage and even contaminate the surfaces with their droppings. 

Risks to Your Staff and Customers

If no proper pest control is done at your workplace, before starting the operations in full-fledge, it is a bigger risk to the health and wellbeing of the staff and customers. Along with the spread of disease, these annoying critters are also the cause of stress and anxiety of many employees. 

It is important to protect your building during the lockdown for both essential businesses that are running and even for businesses that are closed. Remember every business has certain pest risk that can have a great impact on human health and cause severe financial and reputational damage. Connect with us today and ensure that your building is pest free and ready to start the business operations efficiently.  Call us Now – 0448 955 555