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Trust Us with Your Pest Control in Footscray

Tradie Team Pest Control is a renowned name for pest control in Footscray. We are committed to providing safe pest control services while protecting the environment and client health. We understand that no two pest situations are alike, and therefore we provide customised solutions. We offer various pest control and treatment services like:

  • Ants control
  • Wasps control
  • Spiders controlpest control footscray
  • Rats and mice control
  • Cockroaches control
  • Termites control
  • Fleas control
  • Moth control
  • Silverfish control
  • Bed bugs control
  • Flies control
  • Bees control
  • Birds nesting control

Why Choose Tradie Team Pest Control?

A happy and healthy home is free of pests. Pests like insects and rodents carry dangerous contaminants that can cause serious illness. Professional pest control must be performed on the sighting of even the smallest pests. Pests may appear to be small, but they can cause massive destruction. We follow a step-by-step procedure for pest control services in Footscray. The following is our procedure:

  • Inspect and Identify the Root Cause

Once you notice even the slightest sign of these annoying creatures, give us a call. Our licensed experts will immediately schedule a visit to your property to inspect it. During the inspection, we shall find the root cause and submit a detailed report along with the best pest control treatment for your property.

  • Pest Control

Here, our well experienced and licensed experts will perform pest control treatment for your property. All our methods are environment-friendly and safe for children and pets. We make sure that post-pest control no infestation occurs in future.

  • Pest Control Monitoring

Once pest control is implemented, we monitor it. Pest diagnosis makes dealing with pest control more effective. A continuous pest control monitoring after every month of pest treatment would ensure that these critters stay away from your property. Tradie Team Pest Control also provides a six-month recurring service.

  • Prevention and Control

We believe in providing effective pest control solutions for your residential and commercial property. Our team of experts will assist and guide you on how to prevent pest infestation in the future.

Our pest control service will restrict all pests from entering your house, business complex, yard or garage. We use a wide variety of techniques and products to deal with these unwanted guests. Our methods are based on the type of pest infestation on your property. We cover the following areas:

  • All kinds of ventilation areas
  • Sub floorings or floor coverings
  • Residential areas, kitchen, bedrooms and other internal areas
  • All indoor and outdoor premises of your property

Call Tradie Team Pest Control now on 0448 955 555 and avail our same day service at comprehensive prices.

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