Not-so-common Disease Causes by Common Pests!

Not-so-common Disease Causes by Common Pests!

Pests are always an unwelcoming sight. They are not only one of the biggest nuisance but also the carriers of various viruses and germs that cause lethal diseases. The mode of infection of any disease and the way of carrying the bacteria is different for different pests. Some critters might bite or sting and spread the infection while others pick up the viruses and bacteria from an unhygienic source. Pests are not just annoying, gross tiny creatures but also the biggest source of spreading diseases. Even the common pests like cockroaches, bedbugs, flies and rodents can cause life-threatening diseases. 

Let us know how common pests can have a negative impact on our health.


Cockroaches are hideous and everyone finds them gross. These tiny creatures mutate fast and it never takes too much time to have a full-blown cockroach infestation at your place. These critters love to shed their skin and leave their droppings everywhere. This can be the cause of various airborne allergens. The dead skin, droppings and urine can be the major cause of allergic reaction to those who are suffering from asthma. Cockroaches can also get into small cracks and crevices, drains, vents and sewer pipes and then contaminate other parts of your home like cupboards and surface tops.


Yes, this is difficult to believe but beg bugs are also known to transmit diseases. Want to know how? Beg bugs are more dangerous as they can cause mental health concerns. A person suffering through bed bug infestation is likely to develop insomnia, depression, stress and much more. This is really frightening. 


The furry, little, beady-eyes critters have made a way into the lives of many people but little does everyone know that these pests can carry over 35 diseases! Disease through rodents can be spread in a variety of ways through bites, through contamination of food and water and even faeces. 


Did you know according to the World Health Organisation flies could transmit at least 65 diseases? They are the carriers of diarrhoeal diseases and many types of skin and eye infection. They do not bite like mosquitoes but are indirect carriers of pathogens and bacteria. They are also known to transmit foodborne pathogens that can cause various other diseases. 

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