Mice, Rats and Rodent Infestation. Don’t DIY. Get Professional Help

Mice, Rats and Rodent Infestation. Don’t DIY. Get Professional Help

Mice and rodent infestations can cause significant headaches to homeowners in Australia. When you find an infestation, tackling the issue by using DIY methods may seem like a good idea at the first place. But the worst part is that rodent control can be complicated if you don’t understand what kind of intrusion you’re dealing with. That’s where professional pest control technicians come in handy.

Professional expertise goes beyond knowing where to place baits and traps for the most effective results. Before you use any of the DIY methods, there are some reasons why you should leave the pest control experts to handle the mice and rats removal.

You may not understand what type of infestation you have.  

Early detection is the most critical step in the case of rodent removal. Rodents and other intruders repopulate at an alarming rate therefore swift action is required to prevent your home from becoming a disaster. When you hire professionals, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home will be thoroughly inspected.

You may not realise that the DIY process is dangerous.

Mice, rats and the parasites that come with them can carry some health risks that can quickly be spread through their saliva, droppings, urine and blood. If you don’t know the techniques in handling a mice that is dead or alive, you put your family members at potential health risk. The professional pest control company have the training and equipment required to implement safe removal.

You may not know how to prevent the future infestation

It is more critical to avoid infestation once you’ve removed the pests.  A real professional won’t stop after getting rid of the rodents in your home; they will perform acts of precaution to ensure the pests don’t return.

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Effective elimination usually requires expert tactics and preventative measures. Instead of dealing with an infestation on your own, please contact us for an inspection.