How To Protect Your Home From Cockroach Infestation?


Cockroaches are not only unattractive (and undoubtedly unwelcome) houseguests, but they can also pose serious health concerns. They can be a trigger of asthma and allergies, especially in children; we recommend a professional pest control inspection to make your home and family healthy.

Protect Your Home and Family from cockroaches

As a reputed pest control company, we suggest some of the best steps to prevent cockroaches inside your home. Clean your kitchen and bathroom areas regularly, as cockroaches are prone to attract by the presence of food and moisture in plumbing fixtures, drains, and toilets. They take germs on the spines of their legs as they move from one place to another.  They transfer these germs – along with their shed skins onto foods and kitchen counter surfaces.

To prevent cockroaches from entering your home and posing a threat to your family,  the first step is to follow a good cleaning practice.

  • Keep the kitchen and bathrooms free of food waste and debris. Perform cleaning to your kitchen counter surfaces by using a disinfectant.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes pile up in the sink.
  • Put your waste and trash regularly, and store it in a sealed receptacle outdoors.
  • Your pantry is another crucial area to consider. Food stored in cardboard boxes or paper packaging should be transferred into sealed containers. Any foods that have passed their expiration dates should be thrown away.
  • Reducing moisture in your home can also help in the prevention of cockroaches and other pests. Check the places where you find water leakages; repair it and consider installing a dehumidifier in damp crawl spaces.

If you are looking for a professional team, who can handle cockroaches in your home, call us. Our highly experienced pest control team is ready to eliminate these nasty pests from homes.