How to Keep Spiders Away?

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Don’t take chances with spiders like Peter Parker! Spider-bite can give you super-power only if you are a fictional comic-book character. In real life, spider-bites can be extremely painful and even lethal in some cases. So, whenever you spot a spider(s) in your home; pick up your phone and call an expert to get rid of spiders.

Some of the most venomous species of spider in the world are found in Australia. And it is always advisable to be cautious and call an expert to identify and exterminate harmful spiders.

However, you can always avoid spiders making your home a free sanctuary. Here are some simple ways that ensure your house does not get infested by spiders:

  • Make your home Clutter-Free

    Spiders love ‘shady’ places. They hide there, lay eggs and breed. And a cluttered home with a lot of such shady and messy corner gives the perfect breeding ground for spiders. Therefore, clear out all the clutter, right from piles of books, boxes, papers, shoes and even old clothes, to stop spiders from turning your house their breeding ground. A clean, organised and cluttered-free home will not provide any dark places for the spiders to hide or lay eggs.
  • Make your outdoors clutter-free

    Junk piled outside your house becomes a favourite spot for spiders to hide and breed. Clearing up all the non-essential and trash is the best option to avoid spiders in your home.It is also recommended you clear up the large pile of leaves and the firewood. Overgrown trees and shrubs in the garden provide a constant source of food for spiders. And so, make sure to trim thick bushes, shrubs, grass and trees to avoid spiders in your home.
  • Clear away those webs

    Spiders don’t like it when their home is swept away. So, when you keep sweeping away their webs, spider consider the area unsafe and hence move to another place. Therefore, it is essential to regularly clear out webs from your home, garage and even around your the doors and windows.
  • Call experts

    If spider infestation has spread too much in your house, it is always advisable to call professional and trained experts who can quickly identify and exterminate spiders, especially when it is difficult to determine the harmful species.

If spider problem has increased, call us today for a complete spider removal treatment and other pest control service.