How to Identify Bedbugs?


Bed bugs are small parasites that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. This pest got its name because of the place it chooses to be. As the name suggests, bedbugs are like to reside in your bed and they crawl out in the night to search for a blood meal.

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to spot. Though bed bugs are extremely active during the night, it doesn’t mean they are not exclusively nocturnal. These bloodsucking parasites feed on their hosts without being noticed until its too late. Bed bugs usually reside in tiny dark cracks and crevices. At Tradie Team Pest Control, we are the perfect pest control team. Our experts treat pests like bedbugs from the roots and give you a happy home. Here are some ways from our experts that would assist you in identifying a bedbug infestation.

Health Concerns – Many people suffer health concerns due to bedbug bites. A bedbug leaves an itchy and irritating sensation on the skin. There have been severe cases of allergic reactions and fever due to bedbug bites. So if you find any red marks or spots after a night’s sleep then it’s time to check whether you have a bedbug infestation or not.

Appearance – Bed bugs are tiny creatures having an oval-shaped body. These small brown critters usually appear between seams of the mattress and under your bedsheets. In addition to this, remember they are always found in groups. They gather in groups to make their home.

Stain On Fabric

Bedbugs produce brownish stains of fabric that they have occupied. These stains are caused by the anticoagulant present in the saliva of bedbugs that help them feed on blood. Their excrement can also be seen as small dots on the sheet. In addition to this, you can also notice tiny eggs of these annoying critters. Bedbugs have tiny pale yellow eggs that are clumped to together.

At Tradie Team Pest Control, our bedbugs inspection professionals carry out visual inspections and prepare a detailed report. We eradicate bed bugs in three main steps, namely, inspection, chemical treatment and follow-up. We provide you with the best professional control treatment. Connect with our team today to get rid of bed bugs and all other pests.