How to Get the Best End-of-Lease Cleaning Quote?

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When your business lifecycle demands the need to move premises, be it for upsizing, downsizing or relocating. But cleaning can be a daunting job, especially when you leave a house, which involves the complete cleaning of your home. It is where an end of lease cleaning service ends up coming to your rescue.

Tradie Team is a leading end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne, gaining name and fame. We have served many residential as well as commercial clients, built many relationships with customers and won many hearts. We deliver the quality services in Melbourne and other nearby suburbs. These also have full cleaning to ensure properties are ready for sale or pre-inspection.

Where Do We Come From?

Tradie Team is a family-owned Australian company set up with very clear targets, a big one being customer loyalty. The selection of facilities covers everything required to ensure the running of a domestic or commercial facility at full capacity. 

Services We Cater for End of Lease Cleaning 

The end of lease cleaning is very important for tenants to get back the bond there. When a property is given on lease, the owner is required to give it back clean and in good condition when the lease term is finished. It can place a lot of stress on tenants because most of our lives are very busy with the job and family these days. This can add tension and pressure on tenants. By hiring a skilled cleaning service after lease. 

Why People Rely on our Services

Our team is also equipped with the latest modern cleaning equipment, a professional end of lease cleaning service company will help you wash off all of your old property’s dirt and living proofs, rendering it as good as fresh for the next tenants. 

One Clear Method of Cleaning via Checklist

We use the end of lease cleaning checklists to make sure all our cleanings are meticulous and each surface is spotless. The cleaners use these checklists as a tool for making sure they’ve forgotten nothing. Our checklists also ensure that our service is reliable, and can be relied on.

  • Dusting and vacuuming carpets, rugs and upholstery 
  • Cleaning and polishing windows
  • mirrors and any glass surface 
  • Vacuuming and mopping hard floors 
  • Dusting and wiping hard surfaces 
  • Cleaning inside and out all kitchen appliances and cabinets 
  • Scrubbing bathtub, toilet and sink 
  • Your home will be left clean and shining

Cleaning at Short Notice

If you need short notice to end lease cleaning in Melbourne, simply give us a call. We can cater for your cleaning needs even when there’s not much time to spare. We’ll make an appointment to do a thorough cleaning before your bond inspection for a time that suits you.

Career tools and materials

We are having good results because we are using high-quality industrial equipment and materials that really work to extract dirt and grime. We have every piece of equipment or supply of cleaning available to tackle all aspects of cleaning your house for your end of lease cleaning.


We offer a considerable degree of flexibility as part of our rental cleaning services in Australia. For your convenience, we give a selection of dates, potential start times and payment methods.

You Book, We Clean 

Are you moving out of your property and searching for bond back cleaning services? Our cleaning services are paid on the basis of your job, and you can also book us in advance for the termination of the lease cleaning services to ensure a place over the weekends or whatever time is required. Our cleaning crews are always on the move, so booking in advance is always easier to avoid doing it yourself in the end-of-day.

If it is post tenancy cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, spring cleaning, regular cleaning or mother-in-law cleaning, we also protected you. You can book our service online, or contact us using the button below to find out more. 


Are you moving out of your property and in Australia looking for end of lease cleaning services? Our experts at the Tradie team are just a call away: 0448 955 555 or visit us at:



1 Do I have to be at home during the cleaning session?


It is completely up to you. Some customers enjoy the opportunity to have some time for themselves out in the city while their apartment is being cleaned. Others like to be around to have a chance to give the cleaning lady directions when needed. The only thing you need to make sure is that your cleaner has a way to access your home.

2 Will the cleaning lady bring the cleaning solvents & equipment with her/him? 

If you would like your cleaner to bring cleaning solvents, mop, and a vacuum cleaner with him/her, you need to specify that option in the booking form. If you forget to do it while booking, simply contact our customer support via email, phone, or chat, and we’ll add it to your booking.


3 What guarantees that the professional end of tenancy cleaning service will restore the property to the highest standards? 


Our end of lease cleaning professionals strictly follows an agency-approved list of tasks when cleaning your rental housing, to ensure that every area of the property will be cleaned to the highest of standards before you relocate. 

4 How do we book? 

You can book the majority of our services online on our website. To find out more, we are also easily reachable by messenger and by email.


5 Who are the cleaners? 


The cleaners are all legal and vetted by Helpling. They are either freelancers or employees of our business partners.

6 What happens if the cleaners do not turn up on time? 

Please report the issue to us

Please report the issue to us Want hassle-free and peace full end of lease cleaning service? Then Hire our services and enjoy the seamless experience from our professional end of lease cleaners. Reach out to us at 0448 955 555 or visit us at