How to Fight Off Argentine Ants Infestation?

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Among the numerous ant species that are found across Australia, the Argentine ants are the most invasive with an amazing success rate in invading Australian homes. Moreover, Argentine ants are known for creating enormous colonies in a really short span of time. If anyone tries disturb their habitat, they can become super protective showing extreme hostile behaviour.

Due to their invasive nature, these ants have developed strong survival skills, which make them difficult to get rid of. If you ever notice any signs of infestation, don’t ignore it; immediately call the professional pest controller.

Common Place Where Argentine Ants Build their Colonies

Argentine ants have a shallow nest, which makes them easy to spot and identify. Generally, these nests are found outside in various places like:

  • In crevices of the walls
  • Under woodpiles, bricks or rocks
  • On the sides of walkways, patios and flow beds
  • Near the base of trees
  • In the proximity of sprinkles and other water sources
  • Around window frames, under sinks

How to Identify the Argentine Ant?

While almost everyone knows about Argentine ants, many of them cannot recognise or distinguish it from other species. One of the most peculiar thing that makes these ants distinguishable is that they walk in a straight line.

The Argentine ants are one of smallest with their size ranging from 2 to 3 mm. You can easily set them apart from the rest by the fact that they don’t have a sting or wings. Another physical trait that distinguishes them from the rest is their hairless bodies and light brown colour.

Besides, if ever you crush an Argentine ant it releases a pungent musty smell quite contrary to other ants that release an acidic smell.

Ways to Control Argentine Ants Infestation

Before you call in professionals to make your property ant-free, there are a couple of things you can try beforehand to keep the infestation at bay and limit its spread:

  • Generally, Argentine ants are attracted to moisture. Thus, make it a point to perform a thorough inspection of all plumbing fittings in your house for any leaks.
  • Besides, make sure you trim the overgrown shrubs and trees in the proximity to the walls of your property.
  • Check your property for cracks or crevices and seal them up properly to keep the ants at bay.

Get a Professional’s Help

Dealing with a severe Argentine ant infestation is no joke! You can follow the above-mentioned deterrent tips, however, if things go out of control and the situation becomes worse, call professionals as soon as possible. These certified exterminators are trained at identifying the origin of infestation and device best plans to deal with it.