How Often Should I Book a Pest Inspection?

Pest Inspection In Melbourne

While owning a house is every Australian’s dream, it comes with nightmares.

Australia is home to many indigenous insect species. And thus, suburban Australian homes are usually at very high risk of destructive pests like termites, rodents, mice, wasps, spiders and more.

Apart from harming you and your family physically, these pests are known to cause enormous damages to the property.

While you can hope that your property doesn’t come under any pest attack, the reality is that you cannot ignore the potential threats. And therefore, it is essential to book regular pest inspections or preventative treatment to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property from any harm!

How Often Do You Need a Pest Inspection In Melbourne?

While some pests like wasps or rodents will make their presence felt, some like termites make their way onto your property stealthily.

And so, we recommend professional pest inspection for your residential/commercial property to be carried out at least once a year.

Of course, there are other factors which can affect the time frame when it comes to inspection. These factors are:

  • The age and construction of your property. If your property is vulnerable to pests or is an old structure, you may require frequent inspections.
  • Also, if your property is located in a pest-prone region or heavily wooded area, you may require frequent inspections as the threat is often higher in such areas.
  • Once the property is inspected, the technician discusses his observations with you. They will suggest options either for preventative treatment or extermination – whichever is feasible for your property.

Why Should I Get an Annual Pest Inspection?

Getting your property inspected by a professional pest control service provider is a valuable investment. The professionals are licensed and trained to detect the most subtle signs of any pest infestation. Moreover, they have necessary pest control skills and tools to exterminate the infestation without causing further damage to your property.

If you are struggling with pests like termites, rodents, mice, silverfish, bed bugs and so on, contact Tradie Team for effective solutions.