How to Get Rid of Birds in Your Home or Office?

Bird Infestation

You are walking around your house and you notice a pigeon relaxing in the crevices of the building facade. You usually mind your own business and follow the philosophy of live and let live. Besides a bird can’t cause much harm right? Unfortunately, you might be really wrong.

While birds seem like innocent creatures, certain pest birds can cause more harm than seemingly dangerous pests. These birds often carry harmful microorganisms with them which might cause diseases. Additionally, their droppings also damage the look of buildings and might be toxic if they fall into food or come in contact with the human body.

How to Identify a Bird Infestation?

There are certain signs that help you identify a bird infestation. These are:

  • Frequent occurrence of bird droppings in and around your home or office premises
  • Infestation of other pests like fleas and mice which might be associated with pest birds.
  • A large number bird attracting insects in your area.
  • A single bird nestling which might invite a whole flock and cause an infestation.
  • An unidentified foul odor around your premises.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s possible you might have an infestation.

How to Deal with a Bird Infestation?

There are several ways of dealing with bird infestation yourself.

  1. Bird Traps: You can set up bird traps in crevices of your building where you think birds can make nests.
  2. Create Uncomfortable Surroundings: Using a gel repellent on surfaces can make them slippery and uncomfortable for birds to settle on. Porcupine wires around parameters might also help in prevention.
  3. Seal the Entrances: Seal places like chimneys, balconies, small crevices, vents etcetera with a mesh wire to prevent birds from entering.
  4. Lock All Food: Instead of using open garbage bags, use garbage bags that have seals or use closed lid containers so that pest birds don’t get attracted to the food.
  5. Scare Them Away: Use fake owls, snakes or other predators to scare the birds away. You can also use wind-chimes and ultrasonic sound devices to startle them.

However, the degree of effectiveness may vary. If you want to save time and avoid difficulties, you might want to contact a professional pest control service provider.

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