5 Fascinating Facts About Termites

5 Fascinating Facts About Termites

The world of insects is both interesting and frightening at the same time. Today most of us know that termites are nasty, horrible creatures that bring devastation to any property eating through all the wood. Termites seem nothing more than a big nightmare but there are many interesting facts about these insects. Knowing about these facts might help you in being prepared to prevent them. 

Ants Are the Enemy

Ants are one of the biggest competition and natural predators of termites. Termites and ants colonies can wage war against each other over territory and food. If you have a colony of ants in your backyard, there are minor to no chances of having a termite infestation. Ants, however, have a share of their problem that you don’t want to deal with ever. 

As Old as Dinosaurs

Termites are old, like really very old. Though termites have a life span that is shorter than an average person, termite species have been much longer than humans. It is also said that termites were there in this world way before dinosaurs, Interesting isn’t it?

Queen Lays a Lot of Eggs

The termite queen has the longest lifespan of approx 15-25 years and if the conditions are favorable she can live up to 50 years, which, is the longest for any insect. Additionally, a termite queen can produce one egg every three seconds. It means that a termite queen can lay up to 30,000 eggs per day and approx 10,950,000 eggs per year. That’s a whole lot of termite eggs and termites.

Termites Are Blind

Not all the times, but in most of the species, termite workers and soldiers are blind. Termites live in the confines of the dark and damp nest. Termites, therefore never develop functional eyes. Reproductive termites need to fly and find mates and hence only they have eyesight. 

Termites Never Sleep

Yes, you read that right! These creatures never sleep. This means all they do is eat and reproduce. If you have an infestation, remember termites are continuously eating away your wood. They are chewing 24 hours a day and for all 7 days of the week. Scary, isn’t it? It is, therefore, critical to call in the experts when you even feel the slightest chances of a termite infestation. 

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