Expert Tips: How to Prevent Rodent Infestation?

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The warm Australian summers provide perfect breeding conditions for the rodents.  The rodents usually look for safe shelters to reproduce within your property, thus posing a serious challenge for homeowners to keep the rodents away from their property.

Rat infestation is a menace across Australia. Whether you live in the urban area or reside at a farm in rural Australia, the rats and mice infest your home and cause massive damage to the property.

Before we learn how to keep the rodents away from your home; it is essential to know a little about common types of rats found in Australia. There are common types:

  • Black Rat – Builds its nest in the dirt burrows and stay closes to the food supply.
  • Brown Rat – These rats are mostly found in the coastal towns and urban areas. They are incredibly agile and also excellent climbers.
  • House Mouse – House mouse usually breeds indoors among the stored materials. But, it is sometimes nest found outside near lawn or fields.

Early Signs of Rodents

Unlike some pests, rats and mice are easy to spot, if you keep your eyes open for the following common signs:

  • Frequent Droppings: A trail of droppings around your home cupboards and kitchen areas
  • Rub Marks: The rodents rub against the hard surfaces, leaving behind rub marks, which are easy to spot.
  • Peculiar Smell: Rats leave a trail of urine leaving a very distinct and foul smell
  • Sharp Teeth Marks: Rats gnaw to get access to the food items, even hard objects.

Pro Tips to Prevent Rodent Infestation

Rodents are known as potential diseases and bacteria carrier, contaminating surface areas around your property posing severe risks to your health. You can do these simple things to tackle rodent problems:

  • Control the overgrown vegetation by using the herbicides or cut it manually at regular intervals.
  • Remove the harbourage by cleaning up of stored items inside or externally.
  • Ensure spilt food/feed items are removed from the storage areas of your premises.

These are some of the simple steps that will prevent rats infesting your property, however, if you find any early signs call us ASAP.