Everything You Should Know About the ‘Hornet’s Nest’

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Spring is here and so are the wasps! Wasp and other stinging pests come hand-in-hand with warmer temperature, invading Australian homes and gardens.

Apart from being nerve-wracking, noisy and unpleasant, wasps are known for their killer sting. Compared to other stinging bugs, wasps are known to display extremely aggressive behaviour. Therefore, tackling them with DIY methods can come with an added worry of getting a nasty sting.

Here are some crucial pointers that you should know about hornet’s nest:

1. How to Identify a Hornet’s Nest?

A wasp nest looks like miniature pottery, so it’s not hard to spot or identify the hive. It generally looks like a hardened blob with its exterior resembling a structure made from pieces of paper. The interior of wasp’s nest looks a lot like a beehive with mini honeycomb structure.

Additionally, certain species build their hives that look like a small vase or similar mud structures.

2. What is a Wasp Nest Build Of?

Wasp builds their nest with chewed-up tree fibres which gives it a papery look. Sometimes, you might come across a wasp hive that has a grey or brownish tinge. Such nests are usually made from resin or mud.

3. Common Spots Where Wasp Build its Nest?

In most cases, wasps will choose to make their nest in solitary places to get a protective cover. Some of the common spots where you are likely to find a wasp’s hive are:

  • Eaves
  • Garages
  • Gardens
  • Stems of the hollow tree
  • Tree branches;
  • Shrubs

Moreover, there are certain species that prefer to burrow in the ground, which means occasionally, you may find nest similar to ant colonies or termite mounds.

These nests are heavily guarded. Touching or poking it might provoke the wasps into launching an offensive. Remember, a wasp sting is extremely agonizing and can prove fatal if you’re allergic.

Spotted a Wasp Nest Around the House? – Here’s What Should Do!

Trying to remove the hornet’s nest can result in dangerous situations, especially for kids or people allergic to a wasp sting.

That’s why it’s recommended to call a professional pest control service right away. The professional exterminators are equipped with special gears and tools that allow them to tackle wasp’s nest without endangering anyone’s safety.

If you’ve found a wasp’s nest in your home or garden, don’t attempt to remove it. Call Tradie Team specialist. We are trained and equipped protective gears to remove the nests.