Do You Know about the Fleas Lurking in Your Homes?

Fleas Lurking

If you have a pet, there are 100% chances that you might have fleas hidden in your home. Even if you don’t have pets yourself and your previous property owners did, fleas are going to be there. Fleas are ferocious creatures that can survive a cold winter by staying as a pupa for almost a year. This even includes staying in abandoned buildings and properties.

Fleas emerge from their pupae only when they sense a potential host. The heat from the summer sun coupled with the vibrations of people moving around inside can stimulate flees to emerge. Fleas indeed lay their eggs on pet bodies, however, the eggs do not stay there for long. The tiny, oval eggs fall off animals and become hidden in your carpets and beddings. They also hide in the gaps in flooring and soft furnishings. In addition to this, eggs, larvae and pupae can also be carried around the house on the soles of our shoes. Fleas can also be found on curtains and vehicle carpets or upholstery. These annoying critters love warm and humid climates and flourish in these conditions. The shady edges of your carpet, rigs, bed beddings, upholstered furniture and cervices in the flooring offer a safe harbourage for these annoying pests.

Younger fleas feed on digested blood in adult flea faeces known as flea dirt while the adults can survive almost a month without a blood feed. Did you know a single female cat flea is capable of producing up to 2,000 eggs in its lifetime? So if you are facing a recurring flea problem, you need to start thinking and adapting methods that can treat the root cause. There are various ways to ensure that your house is safe from these annoying pests known as fleas. Some of them are as follows:

Clean & Wash Everything

You need to vacuum your floors, carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture including curtains. This can not only help in removing the adult fleas, pupae and fleas but also larvae that cling to the carpet and may not come out so easily. In addition to this, you need to remember to clean the vacuum cleaner outside carefully as the fleas would be still alive. You need to wash everything including pet bedding at least weekly.

Grooms Your Pets Regularly & Consult A Vet

You need to groom your pets regularly with a flea comb and check for small white, cat flea eggs and find any kind of black droppings (flea dirt) that look like ground black pepper. Additionally, if you find your pet scratching and biting its fur, it’s best to consult a vet for the perfect treatment.

Get Professional Pest Control Team On Board

The vet might be able to suggest the best treatment for your pet, but getting professional help for your home is of paramount importance. At Tradie Team Pest Control, we provide you with a complete flea treatment ensuring that they are wiped from their roots itself. We use the latest and advanced technology to provide you with the best pest treatment. Connect with us today with your requirements