Bee Control Melbourne

Ensure Child and Pet Safety with Bee Control in Melbourne

Bees play a crucial part in the ecosystem. They are known to be the biggest pollinator of plants and vegetables. Bees, however, are considered to be pests due to their stings. A bee sting can cause:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Wheezing
  • Hives
  • Increased heart rate
  • Abdominal cramps and nausea
  • A drop in blood pressure

Bee control in Melbourne is not an easy task as it is challenging to remove these dangerous insects.  It would thus be best to go for professional assistance for the removal of bees and beehives. At Tradie Team Pest Control, we believe the safest, fastest and most economical bee control can be done by destroying their hives using non-hazardous methods.

Bees and wasps are often mistaken for one another because of their ability to give painful stings. Here is a way to identify the difference between them:

Bees Wasps
Sting only when provoked Can sting even if not provoked
Fuzzy Have little or no hair
Eat pollen and nectar Eat human food that is laying around
Legs are hidden while flying Legs hang down while flying
Helps human by pollinating our plants Helps human by eating other insects
Gentle in nature Aggressive in nature
Can sting only once Can sting multiple times

Types of Bees

Australia has a fantastic diversity of bees with over 1,500 species. Some of the commonly found species in Melbourne are as follows:

Scout bees derived the name from its nature of scouting. These species scout new areas to set up a hive. They are moderately dangerous and shouldn’t be threatened.

European bees, also known as Apis Mellifera, have been present in Australia for the past 190 years. They are one of the most reliable sources of honey.

Robber bees return to abandoned hives to collect residual honey. These types of bees are dangerous and their dealing with them is hazardous.

At Tradie Team Pest Control, we have a team of experts who assist in bee control in Melbourne for all your commercial and residential property. We follow a step-by-step procedure.

Our procedure is as follows:

The first step is a thorough inspection, which will let us know all the areas that need to be treated at your home.

Our team of highly trained and licensed professionals remove the beehive using state-of-the-art protective gear.

At Tradie Team Pest Control, we make sure to provide a safe and environment-friendly method to remove bee infestation.

Experts at Tradie Team Pest Control remove the beehive/nest in 24 hours.

We provide comprehensive treatment to prevent the bee infestation in future using safety measures that do not harm your children or your pets.

At Tradie Team Pest Control, we not only offer bee control in Melbourne but also many other pest control in Melbourne like:

  • Termite control
  • Ants control
  • Wasps control
  • Spiders control
  • Rats, rodent and mice Control
  • Fleas control
  • Moth control
  • Birds nesting control
  • Cockroaches control
  • Bees control
  • Flies control
  • Bed bugs control
  • Silverfish control
  • Commercial pest control
  • End of lease pest control

If you are looking forward to getting bee control in Melbourne, connect with us for an online free quote. You can also call us on 0448 955 555 to avail our same day commercial pest control service in Melbourne.