Be Winter Ready with These 3 Winter Pest Control Tips

Be Winter Ready with These 3 Winter Pest Control Tips

The time for winter is here! The chilly weather in Australia is intense with storms and heavy rains. The dangerous weather, however, is not the only concern. There lies a bigger issue during the cold weather. Annoying pests during winter are a bigger problem than most of us can think. Winter is a very critical time for all pest control professionals as they need to identify the pest entry points and create a protective barrier for your home. As the temperature keeps dropping, the risk of pest invasion slowly increases. It has been reported that pests such as rodents, termites and spiders are the biggest threat to all homes during the winter. Pests during this season look for the warmth of indoors. They usually take shelter in wall cavities, storage areas, behind boxes, sheds, under the drawers and many such places. At Tradie Team Pest Control, we believe in wiping out these annoying critters right from the source. Our experts use a step-by-step method to give you a pest-free home. Here are some tips from our experts on how to keep your home safe during winter.

Tidy Up Your Garden

In the cold winter months, no one ever wants to go in the garden. We understand that going for a stroll in the garden is not at all appealing but garden maintenance is important. Pests like ants, termites, mosquitoes and many others usually get attracted to your garden. You can check the fallen and broken branches for these pests. In addition to this, you need to also remember that dead wood attracts termites and bugs. These pests can eventually enter your home from your garden and therefore it is crucial to maintain your garden regularly.

Check Your Door and Windows

Doors and windows not only allow human beings to enter and leave but are also an entry and exit point for various pests. Remember the doors are not airtight and windows are also easy to access for these annoying bugs. Pests can easily enter through the cracked surfaces of your doors and windows. It is therefore suggested to seek professional assistance and get your doors and windows checked properly.

Make Pest Control A Priority

We know winter is the time to laze around but not getting pest control on time can cost you a fortune. It is the time when pests can cause potential damage, it is important to call in professionals. Tradie Team Pest Control makes keeping your home a pest-free zone on the top priority. We wipe out a wide array of pests like termites, spiders, moths, rats and mice, ants, flies, silverfish, wasps, bed bugs, birds nesting, bees, fleas, cockroaches and many more