Are Birds Invading Your Residential Premises?

Are Birds Invading Your Residential Premises?

Customers frequently ask us why bird control is so critical … Aren’t they just a nuisance? At first glance, a roosting bird does not seem threatening, but large numbers of birds actually present a range of potential hazards. With so many humane, reliable, and affordable options it is not worth the risk to choose to ignore a problem. Below are only a few of the issues that your home or business might face if bird trouble continues.

Risks Birds Bear

Bird droppings have been found to transmit more than 50 communicable diseases and ectoparasites to humans. This makes food processing plants, restaurants, and even suburban areas a huge concern. Some of these diseases are also airborne and can pose a danger to nearby people.

Damages to property

The mess that a bird leaves behind can damage property in different ways, too. Nests and materials for nesting can clog pipes or even present fire hazards near electrical wires. Droppings have acidic properties that can remove paint- whether it’s a customer’s car on your windows or the interior.

Liability of injuries

Bird droppings have also been known to lead to slips and falls, in addition to providing susceptibility to disease. The increased liability can be very dangerous, especially for a business with clients or employees frequenting the area where birds are present.

Aside from costs and risk, many government agencies, including OSHA and the USDA, are strongly implementing bird control for some business. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in the summons, fines or even temporary termination.

Wrapping Up

Looking for good news? These issues also have solutions and they are ready for delivery by the experienced bird control team at Tradie Team. We recognise that every single bird problem is unique and needs time- and cost-effective answers. Tradie Team is an Australian family-owned business that was set up with very specific goals, a major one being customer satisfaction. Our range of services includes all that is needed in order to keep a domestic or commercial facility functioning at maximum capacity.

If you have bird control problems and need help finding the right solution for you, please contact us for a free quote today.