3 Fantastic Ways to Keep Insects at Bay from Your Backyard

3 Fantastic Ways to Keep Insects at Bay from Your Backyard

Did you know there are about 300 types of mosquitoes in our country? According to Dr Cameron Webb who is a medical entomologist at the University of Sydney, out of these about a dozen of them are a real nuisance. These tiny creatures can cause real big problems. A study also found that 77% of homeowners in Australia said that mosquitoes actually limit their backyard activities.

Just imagine you are having a backyard party and all your guests are scratching themselves instead of enjoying the scrumptious party food. This would definitely be a huge embarrassment for you. At Tradie Team, we provide you with the best pest control services in town. We provide you with domestic pest control, commercial pest control, end of lease pest control, move-in pest control and much more. Our experts understand your pest problem like no other and therefore, here are ways to keep insects away from your backyard.

Plant The Correct Grass Type

Did you know some plants keep insects away from your garden? One such grass is the Citronella grass. It grows rapidly and is also easy to maintain. In addition to this, citronella essential oil is used in mosquito repellents. It has a strong and pleasant citrus scent that masks other scents effectively. Lemongrass and lavender also have a strong fragrance that prevents the mosquitoes from smelling the carbon dioxide that human beings exhale. This protects you and all your guests. Marigold and chrysanthemum also ward off a range of insects.

Keep Trimming 

The prevention of mosquito breeding grounds just controls them at the egg stage, you also need to deter adult mosquitoes. These annoying creatures usually move around undercover to the lower limbs of the shrubs (the source of plant nectar), shade trees and weeds. Remember weeds and tall grass are magnets for mosquitoes. The best way to avoid mosquitoes and pests in your backyard is to cut the grass short and thin your branches. You can trim and prune the shrubs and bushes. Remember the lesser areas for these irritating insects to hide in, the lesser they will be there. It is also recommended that professional help should be taken for shaded areas.

Wipe Away The Standing Water Areas

Mosquitoes lay their eggs anywhere they find moisture. These eggs feed on the bacteria found in water. The most common mosquito biting the Australians is the Aedes notoscriptus that is found in pot plant soils, birdbaths and rainwater tanks in our backyard. Whether it is a big container or a small, any water trapped leads to a mosquito breeding site. Dump the water, clean the container and only refill if needed at regular intervals.

Remember your background is meant for your enjoyment and you don’t want annoying pests to take that away from you. It is, therefore, important to seek professional assistance. At Tradie Team, we protect you with all kinds of pests. Whether it is the annoying mosquitoes or ants and even rats and mice, we have got you covered. Connect with us today and lead a pest-free life.